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What is Supplemental IT Support?

Supplemental IT Support offers businesses that have their own IT team additional support or backup support when they need it. This may include support for a larger project that may need additional man hours to hit a deadline or to cover vacations, or for a higher level of expertise for specialized projects or aspects of projects.

Based on your business’s needs, TCom can work side-by-side with your existing IT team to manage your network infrastructure or provide coverage on an as-needed basis.

Why Choose TCom’s Supplemental IT Support Service

TCom will work with your internal team to ensure that your business runs smoothly in any situation. This includes:

  • Gap In Expertise – Covering a short-term need for specialized expertise, such as database development and more.
  • Large IT Projects – Large IT projects may require a larger team so your internal IT team does not fall behind in their day-to-day tasks.
  • Staff Vacations Or Leave – When you are shorthanded due to vacations or employee turnover, TCom can step in and help ensure you make your project deadlines on time.

Benefits of Supplemental IT Support For Your Large Projects

Additional IT Coverage
You may have a large project deadline, but that does not mean your in-house IT Team does not have vacations planned or unexpected employee turnover or personal days. TCom offers additional IT support and expertise to fill in the gaps your in-house team may have to ensure you make your project deadlines.

Broad Scope of Knowledge
A large project may call for a specific skill set beyond that of your in-house IT teams day to day skills, such as database management and database administration. Our technicians specialize in tackling all aspects of IT, including the unknown, and developing creative solutions to address even the most difficult issues. TCom will provide all of your end users and systems 24×7 help desk and system support.

TCom As Your IT Insurance Policy
TCom Networks provides the supplemental IT support to ensure your staff isn’t overwhelmed by a workload that they just can’t manage along with their day to day tasks. TCom will respond to network or end-user computer emergencies quickly and efficiently, recommend new technologies when needed, fill in staffing gaps and provide areas of expertise needed.

Our Supplemental IT Support Services ensure that your firm always has an IT resource to call upon when a large project calls for additional resources, IT Staffing & IT Expertise.

Contact TCom for your Supplemental IT needs today.

TCom Networks, located in Woburn, MA, provides Supplemental IT Support services to companies of all sizes and across all industries in the greater Boston Area.