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IT Support Services for the Construction and Architecture Industries

We provide IT support services for construction and architecture firms in Boston. Whether your business is a new startup or a well-oiled machine, a solid IT infrastructure is the foundation to your success. Your network needs to be designed with industry-specific needs in mind. At TCom, we’ll take the time to work with you to create and maintain an IT system that fits your needs and your budget – maximizing your firm’s potential.

Construction and architecture idustries

Providing IT Support Services to the Construction and Architecture Industries

Your IT network will be flexible

Flexible networkThe IT needs of the construction and architecture industries pose unique challenges. Your network needs to adapt. Whether you’re on the go, in the office, or on-site at a project, your network shouldn’t slow you down. Through our cloud-computing services, we’ll build you an IT infrastructure with mobile network solutions like remote access systems so you and your team can stay connected. This will facilitate your firm running smoothly and improve daily productivity – so you’ll never miss a deadline.

Your IT network will be organized

Organized networkYou don’t just need to stay connected with your projects. You need to manage them, too. We’ll build you a network that will allow you to effectively systematize your data, including proposals, budgets, and blueprints. Additionally, design software often requires a lot of storage to sync and download files. Your network will need to have the proper storage space and bandwidth, so you can easily access your files and remain efficient. You shouldn’t have to waste time struggling with a network that’s not fit for you. At TCom, we’ll tailor an IT infrastructure to your firm, not vice versa. Our expert team will manage your system’s software while monitoring for hardware updates – ensuring that your network is consistently up-to-date.

Your IT network will be protected

Protected networkProtecting your data is critical to your firm’s well-being. Without the proper security and backup policies, your data is in jeopardy. We’ll work with you to secure your IT network with block-level encryption and off-site virtualization. We’ll also prepare your firm for sudden data loss – which can happen via a fire, power failure, or natural disaster – with cloud replication and management of data backups. Don’t wait – taking the appropriate security measures now to guard your data will save you time and money in the event of an unforeseen future disaster.

At TCom, we’ve been delivering IT solutions for construction and architecture firms for more than 17 years. You’ll receive our around-the-clock customer service – including swift in-person technical support and remote assistance from our call center in Woburn, Massachusetts. Your energy should be put towards growing your business – leave the rest to us.

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