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IT Support for Nonprofits

An affordable, productive IT network is central to your nonprofit’s success. At TCom Networks, our team of industry experts has been creating and executing innovative IT support solutions for nonprofits in Boston since 2001. We’ll work alongside you to design an infrastructure that aligns with your financial budget and organizational goals. And our services don’t stop after installation. We’ll ensure that your network always runs smoothly – so your nonprofit can focus on what’s most important: its mission.

IT support for nonprofits

Providing IT support for nonprofits

Your IT network will be modern

Modern networkDon’t let your nonprofit’s operations be bogged down by old technology. Your network needs to be efficient. At TCom, we’ll diagnose your existing IT environment and evaluate your current technology. Then, we’ll work with you to decide which solutions are best for your organization. For many nonprofits, this involves our top-of-the-line cloud computing and migration services. We will verify which of your systems can be moved to the cloud and take care of the data transfer. Cloud-based computing also offers benefits like mobile networking, so your team can stay remotely connected at all times and communicate effectively with people who support your mission – like donors, sponsors and volunteers.

Your IT network will be supported

Supported NetworkWhen you enlist TCom as your IT service provider, your nonprofit will have access to our 24/7 network monitoring services. This includes updates about the status of your critical services, general sever health, and storage availability – guaranteeing that your system consistently operates at its ideal capacity. We’ll also tailor cybersecurity policies and a disaster-recovery plan to your organization, so you’ll be protected. These are vital to your network’s long-term health and can prevent future monetary damages. In the case of an emergency, our warning system will alert our seasoned technicians, who will quickly resolve the issue. The time for your nonprofit to prepare for the worst isn’t after something bad has happened – let TCom protect your organization now.

Your IT network will be economical

Economical networkOutsourcing your IT support will save you time and money. Your attention should be towards your community mission, not your network. At TCom, we are also in tune with the latest IT trends and technology. Your custom network will be designed with the latest, cost-efficient technology, ensuring that you stay competitive. And it will be designed with your organization’s specific needs in mind, so you won’t spend on features you don’t need. Simplifying your IT environment with an efficient network will reduce your expenses and generate savings – money your nonprofit can reinvest into its mission.

At TCom, we provide our clients with prompt, in-person technical support and remote customer assistance from our call center in Woburn, Massachusetts. Our client satisfaction comes first. That’s our mission.

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