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What We Do

“Information Technology Consulting,” sounds like a stereotype service offered by every business out there. We understand that we are not alone and there are thousands of businesses in the greater Boston area providing IT services.

So, what is it that makes TCom Networks different from other IT Services companies?

Our commitment to our clients: We firmly stand behind our commitments throughout all phases and even after successful completion of our services.

Our “Client always comes first” principle: “Client always comes first” is not merely a punch-line for our marketing material. We live and breathe this principle. TCom Networks team totally believes in this principle of yielding our clients ahead of anything else. We are not afraid to say that this principle turns into our attitude.

The Tcom IT Services teamOur exceptional team with diversified technical abilities: We are a strong proponent of allowing diversity not only in the technical abilities of our technicians but also in a way our teams are formed and built. Our technicians have a passion for Information Technology. We only hire passionate, go-getters, motivated and self-driven team members. We give them the tools they need to succeed within and beyond our organization. We do not claim to be the world’s best or largest IT services firm to work for; however, we are not afraid to dream to be one someday. We allow freedom, collective wisdom, emotional intelligence and our experience to gel well and form a cohesive environment to succeed. This helps us to build a highly effective collaborative approach to solving clients’ problems.

Our “Constantly Learning New Technologies” principle: We are a technology firm and we believe that stagnating technical skills mean sudden death for us. Our management is very strict and persistent about enforcing the values of “Constantly Learning New Technologies” principle. As a result of this principle, our team always remains up-to-date with the technology which in fact helps us deliver fresh and latest solutions to our clients.

Our proven and verifiable past performance: Our past performance is the testimony of our client’s trust in us. Since the inception of our firm, we have delivered thousands of different solutions and served over 500 clients in various capacities.

Our management’s extensive industry experience: Our management comes from strong IT background. Our management has extensive industry experience serving a customer base comprised of some Fortune 500, some mid-size and several small business enterprises. Our management team’s experience helps TCom Networks to think like a large business while being agile and flexible like a small business.


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