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Our story

TCom Networks was built upon a dream and a vision.

Chris Scourletis, owner and president, TCom Networks, Woburn IT Services

Chris Scourletis, owner and president, TCom Networks

My name is Chris Scourletis the current CEO / President of TCom Networks, a network engineer and owner of this dream and vision.

I started this company with a vision and a goal to be different than the rest. To provide IT services in a manner that taps into yesteryear. My goal was simple, to provide high level Information Technology support delivered with an “old school value system”. The values such as respect, hard work, punctuality, kindness, honesty, integrity and most important accountability meant alot to me in my life. This value system helped me succeed in my quest to climb the corporate ladder, I just knew it could work.

Chris and the Tcom group have become a natural extension of my IT organization. I am proud to have worked along side a group of guys that I can trust and depend upon time and time again…
John Mannix
CIO, WAY Systems
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I felt that if I could just get a chance to provide IT services using this vision and delivery method TCom Networks could surely succeed.

So with one client (Lance Financials), zero money, and a number of people telling me I had zero chance of making it ………..I set out to make my mark in the world.

That was 18 years ago.

Today, TCom Networks has stayed true to this vision and we are now considered to be one of Boston’s premier IT Support & Consulting Service companies with a reputation for outstanding service with a personal touch. We have accumulated hundreds of active clients and proudly have done this the old fashioned way, through word of mouth. I could not be prouder.

Very simply my vision worked!

I am very thankful for our success and look forward to continuing this journey and providing our unique brand of service to many, many more customers.

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